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Turn Me On Dead Man

Heavydelic Space Rock | USA
  • Mykill Ziggy Guitars / Vocals / Synthesizers / Bass / Phasers / Lasers
  • Nick Doom Guitars / Music Theory
  • Christopher Melville Lyman Drums / Percussions / Vocals
  • Attis Ngo Bass / Keyboards on 'Hologram'
For book this band send an email to info@heavypsychsounds.com

The band that fell to Earth, Turn Me On Dead Man have delivered a deep space message from the future to the inhabitants of this dying planet with their new opus HEAVYMETAL MOTHERSHIP.
The bands twin guitar harmonization, melodic rhythmic switchbacks and trippy apocalypto- mystical lyricism keep California's psychedelic rock tradition alive.
Mind melt music for the sick and twisted, heavydelic super rock for the ultimate freak out.

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