Sludge Psych | Italy
  • Lorenzo Stecconi Guitars
  • Giuseppe Caputo Drums
  • Donato Loia Guitars
  • Emanuele Massa Bass
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Lento is an instrumental musical venture commenced in Rome, Italy, in fall 2004 whose main purpose is to give shape to an introspective approach with relentless efforts. It took 3 years to develop as an artistic issue and to give birth to Earthen, released in 2007 on behalf of Supernaturalcat, with Relapse supplying US distribution. This led events to a few years of great empathy in learning to be a musician, and to find a way to take responsibility of a 2nd album whose conveyed in "Icon", released in 2011 on Denovali records.
Then the way back to the need of an outward appearance. Europe took care of this. "Live recording 8.10.11" is meant to be a snapshot of what have been during this last, plenty of occurrences, year.

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