• Estefan Carrillo Bass
  • Ludvig Andersson Guitar and Vocals
  • Nils Eineus Drums
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HAZEMAZE is a three piece doomrock band from Strängnäs, Sweden. They formed in the spring of 2016 and started out as a garage rock-band, but their shared admiration for legends such as Black Sabbath, Pentagram, and Cathedral soon set them on a very different path.

As the band matured through the years, the riffs have gradually gotten heavier, the themes darker, and the doom more sinister.

Now, with two critically acclaimed albums under their belt, they are back to join forces with HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS RECORDS for the release of their most multifaceted and pulverizing heavy full-length album to date. Blinded by the Wicked is out in JANUARY 2022.

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