Dead Witches

Songs to dig graves to | UK / ITALY
  • Mark Greening Drums and Concussion
  • Rab Mcilrath Guitars
  • Sam Cutbush Bass
  • Spring Thompson Vocals
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Dead Witches, the brainchild of drummer Mark Greening founding member of Electric Wizard, Ramesses and With the Dead and Dead Witches in late 2016.

2017 for Dead Witches began with the release of their first album, “Ouija”. Featuring original guitarist Greg Elk (R.l.P) and vocalist Virginia Monti (Psychedelic Witchcraft), and bass player Carl Geary, “Ouija” was phenomenally received by press and fans alike.

2019 saw the release of Dead Witches’ follow up record 'The Final Exorcism' featuring new members Oliver Irongiant on guitar and Soozi Chameleone on vocals.

With the sudden departure of Soozi just before Christmas 2019 due to personal reasons, Oliver was soon to follow leaving founding member Mark and Bassist Carl.

Carl had doubts over his commitment to the band while offering support until a replacement was found.

Although the future seemed uncertain at that point, Mark decided to soldier on and get a new line up together. At the beginning of 2020, Rab Mcilrath joined as the new guitar player from Stoner/Grunge band Dead Lettuce together with the bass player Sam Cutbush, who spent almost a decade as bassist for Portsmouth’s loudest grunge band, Foxer. Once his tenure came to an end in 2019 he moved between projects until the opportunity to get even louder came along with Dead Witches.

The band needed a new singer, which fortunately they found just a few weeks before their European tour. The new singer is Spring Thompson which brings fierce female vocals with a little punk element to it to the signature Doomy Sludge sound of the band.

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