Dead Witches

Songs to dig graves to | UK / ITALY
  • Mark Greening Drums and Concussion
  • Oliver Hill Guitar
  • Soozi Coleman Vocals
  • Niall Thomas Bass
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Harking from the birthplace of the Dorset Doom sound, the fuzzed out downer rock and horror-doom band was formulated by Mark Greening, original drummer of Electric Wizard. A palpable force of malignant alchemy and tempestuous emotion drive the defiled, macabre melodies deep into the ever winding necropolis. Ritual, riff and gloom are the tools of the living inferno that the coven invokes onstage.

The group has begotten two albums so far. A witchy dirge driven genesis of a debut; Ouija plumbed the occult depths with Greening, Greg Elk (RIP), Virginia Monti & Carl Geary. A rallying and more agressive second album came from a refreshed line up; The Final Exorcism was an orgy of absurd riffs and perverted laments. Bringing into the fray, the demagogic fresh blood of Soozi Chameleone, and colossal riff wielding Oliver Irongiant.

Now re-galvanised with bassist Niall Thomas , Greening, Soozi Chameleone and Irongiant are stirring a new malevolent cauldron of sinister tales.

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