Black Rainbows

Psych Stoner Rock | Italy
  • Gabriele Fiori Vocals / Guitars
  • Edoardo "Mancio" Mancini Bass
  • Filippo Ragazzoni Drums
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Black Rainbows are now established among the best Heavy Psych Stoner Space bands hailing from Europe, spreading the word of Fuzz since 2007!

Their sound has morphed between classic ‘90s-style stoner fuzz and deep-cosmos psychedelia, drawing on the best of hard-driving space rock to conjure a vibe that is totally tripped-out.

The band is a solid stone on the Heavy Psych-Stoner-Doom scene these days, constantly touring and playing festivals in Europe and US.

The trio is ready to release their 9th album in spring 2023!!

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